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TN50 Dialog Wanita

An agenda in my calendar today was to head to TTDI for the TN50 Women Dialogue. Did not manage to get off in time so thank God for Facebook live. I am very proud of some of the aspirations that were shared tonight:

- minority rights particularly for indigenous communities
- women's safety
- women supporting one another
- skills shortage amongst graduates
- empowerment of women via film and entertainment industry (watch out for the release of Suri Hati Mr Househusband!)
- women involvement in male-dominated industries including forestry, etc
- women in politics and policy making
- flexible working environment
- senior women contributing towards the GDP and national growth
- mentality shift and mindset change
- gender discrimination at work
- building a sustainable nation

To the house husband, Iman Wan (forgive me, or if you are reading this; please write to me if I wrote your name wrong); I am proud of you. Your son must be too.

I think this is the platform that all politicians sho…
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Boohoo April!

I made it a habit (and I recommend you all do too) to have a monthly recap on the highs and the lows happening to you for that particular month. However, April did not look very well for me though.


I don't usually complain a lot {(emphasis on alot) and (my sisters and some of my friends who have been getting the 'my-life-sucks' call must be rolling their eyes reading this. Bahahah!)} but when you were at an all time high and then suddenly rolled down to an all time low, the contrast was just too jarring. 
April was pretty hectic with a couple of development planned out for Save4Dream. We've applied for a couple of banking accelerators and they all ended with 'Dear Applicants, we have been getting overwhelming responses and unfortunately...' emails; you get the gist. And then there was an unsuccessful grant application too. The team and I had been running around after work to work on the applications and all those late nights and the screamings from my co…

Take me to Stanford!

To those of you who are rolling your eyes now knowing that this post is long overdue, please complete the whole nasty remark with hands on your shoulders. I wanted to post this up immediately after the program but (usual excuse) got loads of work to do. Hehehe. 
Anyway, it was so good to be going back to class after sooooooo long! I had a week long of a back-to-school kind of experience with the Stanford Go2Market program hosted by the Malaysian Innovation and Creativity Centre (MaGIC). I learnt so much by the end of it I feel like packing my bags and head to Standford University to study. It was such an eye-opening experience and when you’re done reading this post you'll all want to head to Standford with me. 
The structure of this program encouraged us to think about the business model as a whole and rethink if there are other avenues in which the business can work. Working with Fintech, the room to navigate is relatively small with regulations constraint and all but after day 1, …

Hijab Discovery

"But you have always been wearing the scarf, isn't that better?", said the lady who recently chose to don the hijab when I went over to say how brave she was for making that choice. I pondered upon what she said. Is it really better?

Honestly, I have such a high admiration for women who made the choice to wear hijab on their own when they discovered the meaning behind it. I have been wearing the hijab since I was really young and it became such an integral part of me should if I ever to leave home without it, it'll feel like I'm wearing nothing but 3 leaves or something. Do you get what I mean? I got so used to it I took the hikmah of donning the hijab for granted.

I got the chance to meet this beautiful model recently and was telling her how much I admired her courage for making that choice (after admitting to having stalked her on Instagram and all that creepy introduction I seemed to be accustomed to around famous people). Especially in her line of work, it m…

Week Roundup - Rojak

It's Monday already! Can you imagine? Time flies like nothing these days. I wanted to post a lot more but did not manage to. More like got distracted by other things. But am super proud this week. Super rojak; a bit of work, fitness, events and fashion stuff. Here's the recap:

1. Marathon training
Don't faint yet, you read it right. I'm running the Malaysia Women Marathon 2017. Even by just saying the name of the marathon gave me knots in my tummy. 0.0
If you've attended the Inspiring Orchid Conference last year, you should know that my boss gave out the challenge for me to run half marathon. Not everyone else, just me. Felt super special for a moment there. Till reality hits really hard in the bum! Hahahaha! 

Every other day, I'll run in the park after work. I'm liking it now (for a tiny bit) especially when I can really see the difference in my stamina level after the training. But the day after, I walked sideways because couldn't cross my legs properl…

Curiosity kills more than just cats

Hello, people! How are things with y'all? I'm taking a break now from a geopolitical read. zzzZZZ....

Just wanted to tell you a funny story. While I was minding my own business rummaging the fridge in the pantry earlier today, I saw this cute jar with some dried flowers in it. It read flower tea and being the curious monkey that I am, I shook it trying to figure out what flowers were it in. Clearly a very productive day in the office.

While I was at it, the cleaner came (also curious) to see what it was and we were just standing by the fridge guessing the flowers.

Me: That small white one looks like Jasmine kan?

Aunty: Ya, I think it's Jasmine. Are those red buds, roses?

Me: I don't know (at this point curiosity got the best of me, I opened the jar and started to smell the flowers). It smells like roses (held the jar under Aunty's nose for her to smell).

While this cute, TV-commercial-worthy conversation was happening; my boss walked into the pantry. When I turned …

Let's be honest: Housewives

I love tea!
I spoke to this super nice lady who happens to be a family friend just now. While we were chatting, her 3 and half years old son was running around and she told me soon there'll be two of them as she's expecting another son on the way. I was so happy for her because her son is adorable and soon there'll be two!

Being this kepochi minah that I am, I asked her did she used to work before she became a full time housewife and she told me she used to work for an oil and gas company. Wow, fancy! She said she missed working and look forward to getting back at it again. That bit got me thinking about these things: 1. Will I ever be able to give up my job to be a housewife? 2. Why not? (the answer to the first question was pretty obvious) 3. Why are there no women icons who are housewives? (think the Vivy Yusofs of housewives)

The questions are pretty related. I don't think I can ever give up work because I see my career as the way I add values to my family and the…